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Guggenheim Bilbao

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The menu

The menu



Tomatoes in sauce, aromatic herbs with a capers base 17€
Spider-crab, caulifl ower and toasted corn juice 27€
Shrimps, pod and peach 26€
Prawn, zucchini fl owers, plum, mint and curry 33€
Tempered foie gras, eggplant, makil goxo and tea 23€
Anchovies, stewed quinoa and sage 18€


Candied baby squids and black olive broth 34€
Fried hake, “cabello de angel” pumpkin and green sauce 30€
Tuna belly, tomato and green peppers juice 33€


Duck foie gras, green lentils cream, garlic and chervil 35€
Veal sweetbreads roasted in black butter, broccoli leaves, pepper and nutmeg 31€
Beef tenderloin, caulifl ower puree, garlic stalks, mint and coriander 30€
Rack of lamb, swiss chard stems, pumpkin seeds and fenugreek 32€


Peach, lemon thyme, vanilla and iced almond milk 12€
Strawberries, apple and fenugreek ice cream 12€
Mochis...Honey, lime and rosemary, Rice pudding, Plum and almond, Coffee, mascarpone cheese and cocoa 12€


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