the team

The spirit of a restaurant is nourished by a team that shares the same values, who make it a reality, who consolidate it. We are 35 people working at Nerua in order to look after all the details and to carry out our work within our standards of quality.

Each person makes their contribution and makes it possible for this project to exist. A generous team of professionals, due to the tremendous involvement it requires, which goes far beyond just work. This is a team that does not spare time, talent, and effort. These are the people who are with me day by day to keep this project alive.

Giacomo Sbalzer Sous Chef

Giacomo Sbalzer

Stefania Giordano maitre

Stefania Giordano

Iñaki Bolumburu chef de partie

Iñaki Bolumburu
sous chef

Ismael Álvarez sommelier

Ismael Álvarez

Ana Martín management

Ana Martín

Joserra Losada second maitre

Joserra Losada
second maitre

Naiara Ortiz comunication

Naiara Ortiz

Miguel Mendiluce marketing

Miguel Mendiluce

Pili cleaning


Bixente Arrieta

Bixente Arrieta