the team

The spirit of a restaurant is nourished by a team that shares the same values, who make it a reality, who consolidate it. Each person makes their contribution and makes it possible for this project to exist. A generous team of professionals, due to the tremendous involvement it requires, which goes far beyond just work. This is a team that does not spare time, talent, and effort. These are the people who are with me day by day to keep this project alive.

Juan Antonio Vázquez sous chef - team

Toño Vázquez
sous chef

Stefania Giordano maitre - team

Stefania Giordano

Ismael Álvarez sommelier - team

Ismael Álvarez

Joserra Losada second maitre - team

Joserra Losada
second maitre

Pili cleaning - team


Naiara Ortiz PR manager - team

Naiara Ortiz
PR manager

Ana Martín administration - team

Ana Martín

Bixente Arrieta - team

Bixente Arrieta