Nerua takes its name from the Nervión River, the backbone of Bilbao, which in ancient Latin was called Nerva. We combine innovation with our roots, our surroundings. It is a space designed for a gastronomic and cultural experience.

Nature sets the pace of our kitchen, we adapt to each season without censorship to do the cuisine that we feel. A local cuisine that begins at the vegetable gardens, in the sea, and in the farms.

Our experience is the best technique—we cook with freedom to create pleasure and enjoyment. Faithful to our principles, we defend our environment and the producers who make our goal possible: to be at the cutting edge and to innovate without losing the flavor of our roots.

“Muina”—Basque for core, heart, or essence—is the soul of our kitchen.

Nervión river

r + d +i

We work on the present to create the future. We apply the steps that make up our creative process, to innovate and be the vanguard.

We start to work on each menu one year before it reaches the hands of our guests to play with the best products of each season—we leave our comfort zone to explore our surroundings with the help of our producers. Our trusting relationship with them helps us to discover new products that will later become a new proposal to be shared with our customers.

We study each product in detail: its origins, its uses throughout history, its qualities… to apply techniques, develop knowledge, and innovate with what we learn.



Above all, we are diners, we understand and enjoy cuisine, and capture this enjoyment in our work.

Each detail is a response to a need. The temperature of the serviette, of the cutlery, coordinated movements…

Observation and reflection bring us closer to our cuisine. We invite you to discover sensations, culture, the magic of the preparations, the essence of each product…



We look for wines that reflect the character of the land where they are produced and that capture the personality of who made them—wines that surprise due to the unusualness. We work with producers who know how to interpret what happens in the vineyard, who respect the grape’s identity. Each wine has its own story, written by the producer and told by us, the sommeliers.

We do the pairings with our mind open to the world, to make a journey through different regions, with a clear objective: that the wine accompanies the dishes, that neither of them is left behind, but mutually enhanced.

With the pairings without alcohol, which we offer since 2012, we seek the same goal: to awaken the senses through the dishes and our essences.

pairings without alcohol


Nerua is located at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, next to the sculpture of the spider ‘ Mama ‘ , a work of the artist Louise Bourgeois.

Since its creation, the museum sought to offer visitors and locals a taste of Biscay’s gastronomic culture, and it delegated this task to Bixente Arrieta, from the IXO group, who placed his confidence in chef Josean Alija to lead this project.