Ongietorri, cenas a 4 manos.

“The celebration of the 50 Best ceremony in June gave us the opportunity to be the capital of the gastronomic world for a few days and we want to continue on that path by inviting two very special chefs that will bring its kitchens to Bilbao for the enjoyment of gastronomy enthusiasts. In 2019 we will continue working so that Bilbao continues to be an active part in the international gastronomic scene.”
Josean Alija

Nerua Ongi Etorri, cenas a 4 manos. Mitsuharu Tsumura.

Mitsuharu Tsumura

September 25th

Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura will bring to Nerua the Nikkei cuisine, the Peruvian-Japanese fusion which is the hallmark of his style. The ingredients of both cultures complement each other as if they were born to be together. It is an honest kitchen with unique textures and flavors. His restaurant Maido is the first restaurant in Latin America and seventh in the world, according to the Restaurant list. In Japan there are many ways to say ‘welcome’, but none of them is as meaningful as ‘Maido’. This phrase not only gives the restaurant its name, but it summarizes the emotions of making each client feel at home.

20:00 h / 175€ (VAT and pairing included)

Nerua Ongi Etorri, cenas a 4 manos. Ana Ros.

Ana Roš

November 21st

The Slovenian chef Ana Ros will bring to Bilbao traditional products from her small country cooked with the most modern techniques. Ros is a self-taught cook who with her cooking wants to express the seasons, her location, her own character, her travels and her femininity. Ros always looks for the element of surprise in her dishes alternating textures and flavors. In 2017 she was named the best female chef in the world according to 50 Best and this year her restaurant entered in the worldwide ranking in the 48th position.

20:00 h / 175€ (VAT and pairing included)